Friday, November 7, 2008

halloween is over!!

I am so glad that halloween is over. I didnt decorate this year and that was sad for me. With us trying to sell our house, I didnt think all those gruely decorations would help too much. I let Jordan pick out one thing and put it out. She chose a large rat. Now Kiley Jane thinks that it is her personal toy. This rat is almost as big as her. I have to say Jordan was rather spoiled this year when it came to halloween. She got to do more than usual. She dressed as a asian princess or a geisha i guess. Then Kiley Jane was pink panther. I had a costume for her to be a red pepper, but she looked so cute in Jordans old pink panther, that won.
So first we went to the trunk r treat at the church. It was nice, not too cold but chilly. Kiley Jane skipped out on that one. Jordan won a prize in the costume contest. (second year in a row!!). All was forgotten because as we were leaving, she was running and fell. She scraped her knee pretty bad and forgot the whole night. A few days later we went to a little halloween thing at the grocery store (very dumb). but the kids liked it. After that we went trick or treating at the nursing home. It was really neat. The residents there were loving the kids being there which was cool. They all sat in their doorways and gave out the candy. There were themed rooms too. One was a "circus room" where clowns painted your face and gave you a tatoo. Then they had another one called the "autopsy room", there you would feel the different body parts that were in boxes....gross!! They had a "salon room" but we didnt want to go in there. They painted the kids hair there. Another room was the "fortune teller"...with the ball and all. There was one more room and to be honest I cant remember what it was. The whole thing was fun. A few days later Jordan had a halloween party at her school. She was in costume all day, when she came home we went to New Albany to trick or treat. I was told about the neighborhood I went to but had never actually been. Jordan and I were walking around, and soon after we started I was thinking I had no idea where we were. I figured that I would soon find the car or recognize something. Yes, I was wrong. It started to get late and very cold. Jordan started complaining that her shoes hurt her feet. So I was then carrying her. I called Jon at home and he mapquested where we were, We eventually made it back to the car, Very happy to be there, It was funny because before we left i decided to get coffee. I never took a sip. I forgot it in the car. When I got back in, it was still warm enough to drink...boy was I happy!
Anyway, the next day Jordan go dressed up one more time. We went to my moms ward party in Pataskala. It was fun too. They had the different rooms to get candy from and a potluck.
I have to say though, by the last time of putting makeup on Jordan I was tired of that costume!
You would have thought this holiday was more than halloween. How many times does a kid need to celebrate?! It was a great week though. Lots of Fun! I am slowly throwing away candy when she is not looking. Way too much.

I promise I will be posting pictures soon!

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Mandy said...

It was an exhausting week, but at least you got your money's worth out of the costume!!