Friday, November 7, 2008

halloween is over!!

I am so glad that halloween is over. I didnt decorate this year and that was sad for me. With us trying to sell our house, I didnt think all those gruely decorations would help too much. I let Jordan pick out one thing and put it out. She chose a large rat. Now Kiley Jane thinks that it is her personal toy. This rat is almost as big as her. I have to say Jordan was rather spoiled this year when it came to halloween. She got to do more than usual. She dressed as a asian princess or a geisha i guess. Then Kiley Jane was pink panther. I had a costume for her to be a red pepper, but she looked so cute in Jordans old pink panther, that won.
So first we went to the trunk r treat at the church. It was nice, not too cold but chilly. Kiley Jane skipped out on that one. Jordan won a prize in the costume contest. (second year in a row!!). All was forgotten because as we were leaving, she was running and fell. She scraped her knee pretty bad and forgot the whole night. A few days later we went to a little halloween thing at the grocery store (very dumb). but the kids liked it. After that we went trick or treating at the nursing home. It was really neat. The residents there were loving the kids being there which was cool. They all sat in their doorways and gave out the candy. There were themed rooms too. One was a "circus room" where clowns painted your face and gave you a tatoo. Then they had another one called the "autopsy room", there you would feel the different body parts that were in boxes....gross!! They had a "salon room" but we didnt want to go in there. They painted the kids hair there. Another room was the "fortune teller"...with the ball and all. There was one more room and to be honest I cant remember what it was. The whole thing was fun. A few days later Jordan had a halloween party at her school. She was in costume all day, when she came home we went to New Albany to trick or treat. I was told about the neighborhood I went to but had never actually been. Jordan and I were walking around, and soon after we started I was thinking I had no idea where we were. I figured that I would soon find the car or recognize something. Yes, I was wrong. It started to get late and very cold. Jordan started complaining that her shoes hurt her feet. So I was then carrying her. I called Jon at home and he mapquested where we were, We eventually made it back to the car, Very happy to be there, It was funny because before we left i decided to get coffee. I never took a sip. I forgot it in the car. When I got back in, it was still warm enough to drink...boy was I happy!
Anyway, the next day Jordan go dressed up one more time. We went to my moms ward party in Pataskala. It was fun too. They had the different rooms to get candy from and a potluck.
I have to say though, by the last time of putting makeup on Jordan I was tired of that costume!
You would have thought this holiday was more than halloween. How many times does a kid need to celebrate?! It was a great week though. Lots of Fun! I am slowly throwing away candy when she is not looking. Way too much.

I promise I will be posting pictures soon!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day of fun with Jordan

There is a new Toys R Us in town. We decided to go to the grand opening...why you might ask? Well Barbie was going to be there and Jordan couldnt live without seeing the "real princess". So we went, it was so crowded! We had to find Barbie first and say hello. Jordan loved her of course. Then we decided to stand in the never ending line of face painting. It is not that there was a long line, it is just that the clown painting was painting the whole face of the children, and was reallllly slow. Thats okay because the Hannah Montana cd was playing the whole time. Jordan loved that. Then another clown made Jordan a bracelet. Im wondering when I will get her to take that off...
So Jordan gets up there. Im expecting her to tell the clown that she wants something "girly". The other girls were getting butterflies and princess things. Well Jordan wants a jack o' lantern on her face. It was so cute. I loved it. After that we decided to go to storytime. Jordan was very involved in that. It was really cute. They were pirates for a moment and then bears. She loved that. All while this was going on i was relaxing in a recliner....nice. Afterwards we got to meet Spiderman, Funshine bear, Donatello from the ninja turtles, Strawberry Shortcake, Geoffrey the giraffe, Arthur and dont forget BARBIE again. They were all so cool! Then she had a motorized boat follow her around and talk to her. She was a bit confused about that! Then we had to go get a balloon for "baby Kiley" she just had to have one Jordan said.
After the toy store we decided to go eat at the mall. Then we had to check out the toys at the disney store for her Christmas list. While walking through the mall people kept stopping us and talking about Jordans face. She would then say.."I got this at Toys R Us. They are open right now. Do you need to know the way? My mom can tell you." I felt like she was an advertisement. It was funny. She also would just randomly wave at people who would just glance at her like they were long lost friends. It was great. Then after all that we went for ice cream in the freezing cold.
It was such a nice day. It had been a while since i got to spend time with just Jordan. (Kiley Jane stayed home with daddy.) I have to say, I will always go to grand openings of toy stores. It was awesome!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Second Anniversary

Sunday was our second anniversary. We wanted to go somewhere for a night just to get away together. So sunday morning, leaving the girls with family, we drove to Coshocton. Its really a nothing town not far from here, but it has a winery. So we decided that we would go to their "Sunday Champagne Brunch". First we stopped at the neatest store called, Unusual Junction. (and it fit its name). The store was mostly on an old train, and there was a diner in the depot. It was cool. The diner and store were filled with many old records and old antique items to browse through. On the wall of the diner was the original "Price is Right" sign, autographed by Bob Barker of course. Then on an old tv it was playing episodes of the show. We had a nice cup of coffee at the diner. We then went to the winery for the most delicous Italian brunch. so so good. then to top it off, wonderful champagne. After eating we decided to do the wine tasting. that was alot of fun. so classy. i say with a smile. It was nice to try before you buy! where else do you get to do that? So then we went to check into our jacuzzi suite at the Inn. nice. As i was caught up in that, Jon decides to turn on the tv, what is on? the Bears game. smooth Jon smooth. Talk about planned out. So while he watches that i decide to get in the jacuzzi and have some of the champagne left for us in our room. It was there with chocolates and a rose. I loved it. I was so relaxed! We filled up the rest of the day and most of the next with different things really. Then we went and got our girls Monday night. It was really nice to get away even for just a night and be together. It turned out alot of fun too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

kiley jane is now mobile

kiley jane is now 6 months old. wow. i dont remember what a handful that babies can be.
i walked into her room to get her out of bed, she was pulled up and reaching through the bars, to her changing table. she was pulling the wipes out and laughing! i think i have my hands full with this one. then she had crawled over to the dogfood and dumped it out on herself and cries. i guess it scared her i dont know. the crawling is so new i forget she is not in the same place i leave her. bad very bad i know. i will catch on fast though. she drug her diaper bag to my room pulled everything out, then went to play in the closet with all the shoes. this is all in one day and she has only been actually crawling for 3 days. this is going to be an adventure!

for sale

we finally made the decision to move to gahanna. we figured stay where we are and choose private schools or move and go public. we are hoping the house will sell but with the economy the way it is we are not sure. but we did it. the realtor put the sign in the yard last week. we put it up for sale! all the talks about it and no movement, and now its time. i was sweeping the other day and the thought came to me, someone else might be sweeping this floor in the near future. that kind of made me sad! what is that about? i dont think i am too fond of change that is for sure. i am excited though. i have hopes of a second bathroom and a kitchen i can turn around in!!! wish us luck that someone will love our house. i know that i sure have.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

no productivity right now

My cousin Rachel is in town from Georgia. I get so excited when she comes to visit, but i dread it. It seems that i forget all responsability and just hang out. I dont get much of my house clean, i dont cook dinner. We seem to just go to starbucks, out to lunch, shop, and sit around and talk. My husband is so good about it too. I think that when i tell him she is coming he prepares himself. There are no complaints. I will say I do love it when she visits though.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So I decided to start a blog...

I was getting kind of tired of the Myspace thing. Im sure that means bored. So I think I am going to do this blog instead! I dont know how long it will take me to figure it all out though. So give me some time to do that and here we go!